Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gossip Girl

For my first comparison of books to shows I decided to do gossip girl. I think for this show I will do two separate posts. This week I plan on talking about plot as well as setting, and so on next week I will take on the challenge of comparing characters.


The first gissip girl book was written in 2002 by Cecily von Ziegesar. The most recent book came out last November and the group has officialy made it to college. There are 13 books out, one that is a prequel. I have read the first 5 books so far. In the gossip girl books the characters act differently than on the television screen. Many of the chracters smoke on a regular basis, some cigarettes others marijuana. While the plot is still in New York many of the key places are different. There are two separate schools Constance Billiards for girls as well as St. Judes for boys. Gossip Girl does not seem quite as menacing in the book. She posts sitings and talks about the goings on but she does not seem to be out to ruin people. She also takes fan mail. The teens also attend functions with their parents quite often.

Gossip Girl the series first aired in 2007. You can now catch it on the CW Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. The show is on its third season and the cast has moved on to college. In high school they were all together instead of in two separate schools. You would not find them smoking on the street corner, but you could easily find them in a fancy club sipping martinis. Now that they are in college the charaters live in Dorms, apartments, and pent houses. There is much more drama on the t.v. show. The characters temd to get into much more trouble, and find themselves relying on eachother to bail them out. On the show Gossip Girl is menacing. She sends out posts to try and turn people on eachother, and she often succeeds. I think that there is also more sex in the television show even though the book is not far behind.

I began watching the show before I read the books, so I like it more. I also think that I like the way the characters are formed in the show. Being able to see them interact is much more interesting. The general principles of the book are showm in the show but much more of it takes place in New York, where in the books they often are on vacation. Next week I will talk abouyt characters which will be much easier!

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