Saturday, January 16, 2010


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Blackbringer: A Faeries of Dreadmark Novel

Laini Taylor

Penguin Group

$9.99 U.S.

Synopsis provided by Barnes and Noble:

Magpie Windwitch is not like other faeries, most of whom livein tranquil seclusion. When she learns that escaped devils are creeping back into the world, she travels all over with her faitful clan of crows, hunting them down. The hunt will take her to the great forest of Dreadmark, where she must unravel the mysteryof the worst enemy her folk have ever known. Can on small, determined faerie defeat the forces that threaten to unmake the world?


Lainin Taylor is an Oregon author so I felt like I should check out her books. I think that this book looks interesting. The faeries seem darker than those that we normally hear about. I am also excited to read about Magpie, from the synopsis I can draw that she will be a strong female character. I am exctied to read this book.

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