Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gossip Girl Part 2

So today I am going to tka ethe lea and compare the gossip girl characters from the books to those from the show. I am only going to mention the main characters.

Serena: I like book Serena more than I do t.v. show Serena. In the books she is light hearted and fun, but also very ditzy. Recently in the show Serena has proven to just be plain stupid. Running off eith married men, choosing said married man over Nate, dating Gabrielle, being a ho... and so on. In the book her character seems much more genuine and maybe just naive, in the show she just is plain dumb.
Dan: I like t.v. Dan the best. He makes me laugh, and while he does make mistakes, he is usually the all around good guy. In the book I picture Dan as always moody and brooding. He also seems much more creepy at times. While I can tell he is passionate I also have a hard time with the way he displays that. I think he is able to grow more in the show and move away from his starving artist book character. The fact that he and Nate are friends in the show is probably one of the best things ever for both characters.

Blair: Oh man I love Blair, on the show in the book, she is by far my favorite. In the show we see a much more manipulative and mean side to Blair, but you just have to love her, because underneath it all she is sweet and genuine. She is the type of friend I would want on my side. In the book we see Blair as the leader and sometimes bitchym but she is also sweet and at sometimes naive. She loves Nate in both, butin the show she has moved to Chuck. This by far is my favorite part of Gossip Girl this season. I love how they interact together and who she is with him.
Chuck: Oh goodness, what to say about Chuck. I love t.v. show Chuck. In the books he is much more of a background characetr he only appears when there are large events. In the book he is also questionably gay, but so far no one knows. For these reasons I love Chuck on the show. He is such a cocky ass that you just have to love him. Throughout the show he has consistently been the only honest characetr who never tried to be someone else. I love him and Blair together. They are my favorite part of season 3. I also love his Bromance with Nate. He is a good friend as well as a good boyfriend. He is Chuck Bass, you just have to love him.
Nate: Nate Nate Nate, what can I say about Nate. In the books he is a pot smoker which is so not cool. He also dates Georgina who is crazy, which again is not cool. However in the book I just finished he has realized again that he loves Blair which is a plus. I think the character of Nate is sweet, and well he is just plain adorable. He reminds me of a dog in both, and you just have to love him. In the show he is not the one doing drugs, but his father. I think this made me like Nate a little bit more. In the show he has finally acknowledged his love for Serena which is just plain adorable. He is a good guy and while I love his bromance with Chuck, I like his newer friendship with Dan too. In the show I love his man-bangs, they are a highlight of my week. The fact that Chace Crawford plays him is a big bonus in my book!
Vanessa: Vanessa in the book, is much more confident with who she is. She knows what she likes, and she is unwilling to change that. In the show she is a liitle different. She does not have a shaved head, which in my opinion is a bonus, but she also has tended to be included in the drama. I think in the show she plays a much bigger role, because she adds a distinct element to the group. I love her and Dan together, and I hope that in both the show and the book they can work it out. Her main fault in the show is allowing the other girls to get to her and then trying to take them down, Blair Waldorf style.
Jenny: I think besides Chuck Jenny is one of the characters that is completely different in the show than she is in the book. In the book she is a lowly freshman with curly brown hair and huge boobs. She also is a more of a social outcast, and spends her time painting not making clothes. She is a sweet innocent girl, and she just wants to have friends and fit in. In the show she is much much different. On the outside she is a blonde thin girl (This season I think she often looks strung out), who enjoys fashion . She also goes to much more extreme measures to be popular. SHe is currently Queen at Constance, and aan overall Bitch in my opinion. She has gone from the sweet innocent girl to a caniving back stabber worse than Blair. She has also recently turned to dealing drugs. In seasons 1 I loved her in the show, but now I much prefer book Jenny.

Rufus: I think Rufus is a key character in both the show and the book. In the book he works with poets, while in the show he is musician. While he is not quite as present in the books, when he is we see that he loves the kids even if he is a little crazy. For the show they spruced him up a bit and hired Matthew Settle to be the "hott" dad. WHile he has his fair share of drama the feelings are still the same, he loves his children.
Eric: I would choose Eric from the show as my favorite. He is just so adorable. In the book he is the older brother, but I think that having him younger in the show works well. I love that they made him gay it makes the character much more dynamic and likeable. I loved when him and Jenny were friends, but now they are enemies I am not quite sure how I feel. In the book I just finished he almost had sex with Blair which was a little awkward, but like I said I love Eric in the show.

Lily: Lily is not really present in the book. I like that they have added her to the show and linked her romantically with Rufus. It adds for more drama, and new twists along the way. I think that her addition to the cast was genius.

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