Monday, August 17, 2009

Dead Witch Walking

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Dead Witch Walking

Kim Harrison


$7.99 U.S.

Disclaimer: This is not a young adult novel

Synopsis by Barnes and Noble:

The underground population of witches, vampires, werewolves—creatures of dreams and nightmares—has lived beside humans for centuries, hiding their powers. But after a genetically engineered virus wipes out a large part of humanity, many of the "Inderlanders" reveal themselves, changing everything.
Rachel Morgan, witch and bounty hunter with the Inderland Runner Services, is one of the best at apprehending supernatural lawbreakers throughout Cincinnati, but when it comes to following the rules, she falls desperately short. Determined to buck the system, she quits and takes off on the run with an I.S. contract on her head and is reluctantly forced to team up with Ivy, Inderland's best runner . . . and a living vampire. But this witch is way out of her league, and to clear her name, Rachel must evade shape-changing assassins, outwit a powerful businessman/crime lord, and survive a vicious underground fight-to-the-death . . . not to mention her own roommate.

My Thoughts:

This book was really good. It was a total fantasy book, there were witches, vampires, demons, pixies and every other fantasy icon you could think of. This book took a bit more to get into, but it was worth it. Like I said in a previous review Kim Harrison worked well with her characters. I felt like I knew every single one, and believe me there were quite a few. This was not a young adult novel, not meaning it was full of graphic things, but it was aimed towards an older crowd. This book had more serious elements to it. I really enjoyed this book something was always going on. And I would often find myself thinking that nothing more could go wrong and then of course something did. Kim Harrison is an amazing author and I loved this book.


Anyone who loves fantasy.

Grade: A

Age: 16 and up

Extras: This is a series. There are 7 novels out so far and I believe there will be 12 or 13. These books are worth reading!

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