Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweet Little Lies

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Sweet Little Lies

Lauren Conrad


$17.99 U.S. (Hardcover)

FTC: I am not receiving any compensation for promoting this book.

I did not see a synopsis for this book. But it is the sequel to Lauren Conrad's acclaimed novel L.A. Candy. It follows Scarlett and Jane as they live their lives in Los Angeles and become the new hit sensations on a reality show.

Why: I was reallty surprised when I read L.A. Candy, because I absolutely loved it. I was so impressed by Lauren Conrad's writing ability and knack for creating a story. I quickly read the first book a few weeks ago so I could be ready for the release of Sweet Little Lies. The ending left me wanting more, I could barely contain myself. I will be purchasing this book today as soon as I can and it will jump to the top of my list for books to read!!! I am so excited and I think the fact that it is coming out around Valentines day makes it a little bit more fun!

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