Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Silver Blade

Only a few more letters left to my alphabetical booklist....

Cover Image

The Silver Blade

Sally Gardner

Penguin Group

$17.99 U.S. (Hardcover)


With his beloved Sido safely in England and the Reign of Terror at its height, mysterious Yann returns to revolutionary France to smuggle out aristocratic refugees who will otherwise face the guillotine. But while the two are apart, Yann's Gypsy origins prejudice Sido's guardian against their marriage, spoiling their reunion. When Sido is kidnapped under strange circumstances, Yann must use all his strength and courage to outwit the evil count, rescue Sido, and save all of France.


I chose to highlight this book for two reasons. Number one, I like the cover! I sound really shallow but the guy looks mysterious and I find that very attractive. Second there are not a lot of good books out there with a guy as the main character. My dad has recently gotten into young adult books and I see this as something he might read, so I want to highlight it for all the guy readers out there as well as the girls.


  1. hey! good nomination, this is a great book!
    Very action-packed :P

  2. This one looks adventurous. Thanks for sharing this! You might also enjoy a new fiction book out called, "A Wind In Montana," by Mitch Davies, which is about two young adults who are faced with obstacles and must choose the right decisions for their lives. It's a great story that really gets in touch with both teens and young adults.