Thursday, May 20, 2010


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Robin Wasserman

Simon and Schuster

$9.99 U.S.

FTC: I borrowed this book from the library

Synopsis from Barnes and Noble:

Kane and Harper know what they want:

Beth and Adam.

And they know how to get it:

Break up the shiny happy couple once and for all.

Miranda thinks she knows how to hit on Kane (Mr. Unattainable). But she could take a few pointers from the all-knowing Kaia, who's seducing Mr. Powell, teacher en franÇais. And Reed? Well, he just knows how to have a good time....

Know the feeling?

My Thoughts:

These books are just plain fun. They involve the things that all decent people try to avoid: deceit, affairs, sneaking around, and most of all envy. I was so excited to read this book after I read Lust. It was fun and I liked being able to see the outcome, however I think this will be the final one in the series I read. I enjoy these books, but they lack the intense type of content that keeps me engrossed in other books. Envy was definetley a fun read, but not one that required much thought. The characters were very real, and I applaud Robin Wasserman on that. She had 6 different main characters and all were distinguishable.

My Recommendation: Anyone looking for a little smut

Grade: A-

Age: 15 and up

Extra: This is going to be a two part lifetime movie, I plan on watching this and am very excited to see the characters on screen instead of in my head.

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