Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello Again

Well I just thought I would fill everyone in as to why I have neglected my blog for the last 9 days. It has been a crazy week. Last week was going fantastic until Thursday when a mirror was broken and my week began to suck.... I would just like to state I did not break the mirror, but some of the bad luck has seemed to spread to me. Friday on the way home from work my car died, literally it died and would no longer move. If that was not enough it was rush hour traffic and people kept honking at me. Let's just say my car and I are over, and I will be searching for a replacement. The bad luck kept coming throughout the weekend. Then last night at work I jammed my finger in the photo machine and my boss laughed at me... All in all my weekend sucked, but to try and get back on track I am going to try and keep up with my blog this week! Thanks for reading my rant.



  1. I'm very sad that Chace the Ford has died :( I'm also sad that your work is taking up all your time!

  2. Well I will have to put up with Chce for a little longer, but right now we are separated lol. And just think in less than a month we will be in FLORIDA!!!!